Protective Services International
                                         "Florida's # 1 Investigative and Security Service"

       Founder and president Craig R. Kiley is a twenty year veteran in the security industry. 
  His experience in executive protection, investigations, public relations and general security have
  enabled PSI to become one of the nations most efficient and reliable security and investigative 
  agencies.  Craig now leads a team of current and former law enforcement agents, retired military
  and security professionals. Craig Kiley has personally protected three Saudi royal families, a presidential
  candidate and dozens of major celebrities ranging from music industry talent to academy award winning 

  Consultants Edward J. Kiley, retired New York City homicide detective, former Suffolk County Judge, and 
  William P Kiley, retired deputy cheif with the Suffolk County police department help to complete our team of 
  experienced professionals.

Our Certifications - Licensed as an investigative and security agency by the state of Florida  
                                                            Lic # A2600096  Lic # B250013

Our Goal  Is to continue to provide information and services professionally and effectively at a 
                                  reasonable rate to our clientele.

Our Associations We are members of  FALI (Florida Association of Licensed Investigators) 
                                                           and ASIS International (American Society for Industrial Security).